• Quick and reliable

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    Reduce waiting periods with a reliable and quick planning of:

    • Surgery operations

    • Human resources

    • Material resources

  • Simple resource

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    Coordinate all necessary and available resources for successful surgical procedure:

    • Patients, staff

    • Operating table

    • National holidays, absences

    • On-duty turns

  • Quick data

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    The SOP application allows you to
    quickly access or perform:

    • Notification of operating team

    • Schedules at the clinic

    • Operating procedures

    • Patients

    • On-duty turns

  • Access is possible
    from anywhere

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    According to institution policy and assigned rights, we can enable access via:

    • Desktop PC’s

    • Laptops

    • Tablet PC’s

    • Smartphones

  • Connectability with

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    Integration option with the internal operating system enabling single entry of data

    • One patient database

    • One employee database

    • One procedure database

  • Financial

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    Control of costs per operation and estimates for the future

    • Cost printouts

    • Overview of costs per operation

    • Estimates


Quick data access


Access is possible from anywhere


Connectability with HIS


Financial analysis

User experience

The gathered experiences of the heads of surgeries where the SOP application has been installed show that the time required to plan an operation reduced from several hours to just half an hour.

It also minimizes the human error factor with planning operations and it allows employees a more flexible way of accessing required operations. The social medical point of view of this application guarantees fair and humane treatment of patients who are kept up-to-date regarding planned operations and the required hospitalisation period.


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SOP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)